International Business Major - Human Resource Management Concentration 2023-2024 Edition

Bachelor of Science in International Business Degree with a Human Resources Management Concentration Requirements:

 General Education Requirements

International Business Students: Must take four courses with an international focus to complete the degree.


International Business Major Requirements - Human Resource Management Concentration

International Academic Experience
International Study Abroad 2
International Business: Human Resource Concentration
IB 356International Business Management3
MGT 312Human Resources Management3
MGT 358Global Dimensions of Human Resource Management3
MGT 464Employment Relations3
Human Resource Electives 3
Choose two of the following:6
MGT 357Diversity in a Global Environment3
MGT 380Compensation Management3
MGT 450Internship: Human Resources Administration3
MGT 451Human Resources Development3
MGT 452Human Resource Metrics and Analytics3
MGT 478Strategic Human Resource Management SHRM3
Business Core Requirements
ACG 203Principles of Financial Accounting3
ACG 204Principles Managerial Accounting3
FIN 201GGlobal Dimensions of Financial Management 43
or FIN 201 Financial Management
ISA 201GIntroduction to Global Information Technology and Analytics 53
or ISA 201 Introduction to Information Technology and Analytics
MGT 201GGlobal Dimensions of Operations Management 63
or MGT 201 Operations Management
MKT 201GGlobal Dimensions of Marketing 73
or MKT 201 Foundations of Marketing Management
IB 490International Business Practicum3
International Business Intgegrative Experience 8
FIN 368Multinational Finance3
IB 356International Business Management3
MKT 368International Marketing3
International Business Electives
Select two approved courses
Language Minor Requirement 9

 A minimum of 18 credit hours is required for the concentration.

 A minimum of 122 credit hours is required for graduation.


Must include four courses with an international focus.


Within the 122 credits comprising the program distribution, the equivalent of at least 12 semester hours of credit must be taken as international study abroad except for students on an F1 Visa.


Must include one 400-level elective.


Or FIN 201 with IB program approval.


Or ISA 201 with IB program approval.


Or MGT 201 with IB program approval.


Or MKT 201 with IB program approval.


IB 356 satisfies 3 credits in the Human Resource concentration.


International Business majors must complete a 12 credit language minor.