Academic English Language (AEL) 2024-2025 Edition

AEL 100. Discourse Methods for International Students. 3 Credit Hours.

AEL100 is an academic support and language development course for international students. The course is designed to prepare students for the rigors of an American college classroom and to polish academic discourse. In this course, students will improve their overall abilities in both the receptive and productive aspects of language, as well as increase their understanding of expectations in an academic setting. Throughout the semester, students will work on effective communication, critical thinking, and informational literacy, while building a firm foundation for the use of academic and conversational discourse. AEL100 is also a support supplement to the content in courses in which students are concurrently enrolled.
Prerequisites: Permission of the instructor is required.

Fall 2024AEL 100A2210M2:20pm - 4:50pmTBD