Global Studies Minor 2024-2025 Edition

Global Studies Minor Requirements

POLS 241Introduction to Global Politics3
ANTH 242Principles of Anthropology3
One 300 level course from the following list:
ECO 367Economic Development3
HIS 354Trends in Modern Thought3
LCS 361Studies in International Literature3
LCS 388Religious Studies3
ANTH 389Fieldwork in Local Communities3
LGLS 320Global Legal Traditions3
LGLS 381International Law3
POLS 351United States Foreign Policy3
POLS 361Comparative Politics3
One 400 level course from the following list:
COM 478Global Communication3
ECO 450Current Affairs of East Asian Economy3
ECO 471International Trade3
LCS 458Anthropology of Music Industries3
POLS 462International Relations3
POLS 463Ethics in International Affairs3
POLS 481Politics of Developing Countries3
POLS 483Politics of International Economic Relations3
PSY 465Cross-Cultural Psychology3
SOC 451Population and Society3
SOC 455Urban Sociology3

A minimum of 12 credit hours is required for the minor.