Media and Cultural Studies Concentration 2023-2024 Edition

Media Studies Concentration Requirements

A total of six classes are required for the concentration. After Introduction to Cultural Studies, only one additional course may be taken at the 200 level.

LCS 270Introduction to Cultural Studies3
One Studio Course
Two Analytical/Theoretical Courses (at least one at the 300/400 level)
One Media Studies Elective (studio or analytical/theoretical)
Choose one course from the following:
LCS 441Film Theory3
LCS 469Studies in Political Satire3
LCS 491Career and Portfolio Workshop3
ACI 323Digital Arts Studio3
Analytical/Theoretical Courses
LCS 230Introduction to Film Studies3
LCS 354Animation Theory, History, Practice3
LCS 362Topics in the Environmental Humanities 3
LCS 378African American Studies3
LCS 379Asian American Studies3
LCS 380Latin American Studies3
LCS 383Sexuality and Culture3
LCS 441Film Theory3
LCS/COM 450Film Genre Studies3
LCS 469Studies in Political Satire3
LCS/WGS 471Sex, Love and Social Media3
LCS 490Critical and Cultural Theory3
LCS 491Career and Portfolio Workshop3
ANTH 389Fieldwork in Local Communities3
Studio Courses
ACI 324Digital Photography Studio3
ACI 323Digital Arts Studio3
COM 242Basic Studio Production3
COM 243Digital Media Production3
COM 343Narrative Filmmaking3
COM 345Documentary Filmmaking3
COM 352Writing for Social Media3
COM 442Advanced Digital Media3
COM 443Script to Screen3

A minimum of 18 credit hours is required for the concentration.